These testimonials were taken directly from the Gunny's Boot Camp Facebook page. These are real people seeing real results from our program that has shown it's results time and time again. Each and every one of these testimonials was accompanied by a five star rating, which defines the excellence behind our five star methods. See for yourself what clients are saying about our gym.

“This is my 3rd week and I totally love it! I have noticed results in my body as well as my stamina! Trainers are awesome and motivating to help you push through!! It's not easy though, but the pain, sweat and tears are rewarding in the long run!!”​ - Monika Bondoc








“I've lost over 30lbs in less than five months. HIIT training is the best and most highly recommended workout to kick in your metabolism. Gunny gets it done. The others are poor imitators. Highly recommend!!”​ - Abbe Leal

“When I decided to join, at first I thought, is going to be like always, I'll go one week and then stop... not this time...I love the trainers and the workout, every time I go and get home I feel stronger and ready for my day!”​ - Malena Pedraza Kuykendall 

“This has been one of the best decisions and investments I've ever made. You get way more than what you pay for!!”​ - Joey Sanchez

“This has truly been the only gym where I continue to feel motivated after 3 months! It's a great feeling Of accomplishment after only 30 minutes of a combination of exercises and seeing results. Very happy to have found a gym like this one 👍🏻, trainers are GREAT!!!”​ - Veronica Flores

“I've been a memeber of this gym since May of this year and I love it! At first I was a little shy and hesitant because I'm not a skinny woman and I was scared of not being able to do all the exercises, but everyone there including the trainers, are very supportive and encouraging. 
So far I've lost 15 pounds 3.5% body fat and gained 1.3 pounds in muscle mass. Little did I know I was going to become addicted to it! Gus and the rest of the trainers are beyond awesome, gym is very clean and the environment is very positive! 
I highly recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a place to better themselves, health and fitness wise ✌”​ - Laura E. Bolaños

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“I love it!!! When I was younger I was very active and even did cross-fit for many years. Then I became a mommy and stopped being active for three years. I had heard of Gunny's boot camp before, but being inactive for so many years made me scared. Then one day I got the courage and decided to try it out. Best decision of my life! The staff is amazing and very motivating. The atmosphere is full of positive vibes. Zero judgement or criticism from fellow peers. Nothing but love and support. Results are seen instantly! It truly does work. I highly recommend it!” - Veronica Montes